January in review


I blame it on the carbon monoxide scare.

About a week ago, I woke up to the carbon monoxide detector in the house absolutely screaming at me – and of course, since it happens to be located right next to the bed, it scared the crap out of me. After evacuating the animals, reading the manual (which wasn’t really a help, unfortunately), replacing the batteries, and then realizing that our other carbon monoxide detector wasn’t going off, I realized that I wasn’t in danger of impending death. The whole thing was actually pretty funny once I realized that the carbon monoxide level in the house was not 217 ppm, but it seems like I’ve been a little off ever since then.

Of course, I’m just blaming something else for my own lack of motivation to finish up my January goals last week. I could just as easily blame the fact that the sewing machine was in the shop for a week. But the honest truth is that I can be both extremely focused on something and easily distracted by something else. This past week I’ve been playing mainly with photography – both with the HDR and with sorting through old photos that we’ve taken. I’m still extremely into this right now, at the expense of everything else I’ve been wanting to get done.

So here’s what I didn’t get done –

1. Write one new knitting pattern. Well, I kind of did this. I have a knitting pattern written and I wanted to make it available for free in January, but that didn’t get done. Basically, the pdf is about 90% complete, I just need to get it tidied up.

2. Finish a quilt. My lame excuse for not doing this is that the one I picked to finish needs a bit of hand quilting done, and I’ve gone completely off hand quilting since I started it. Oh, and, of course, there’s the whole “sewing machine in the shop” thing, which didn’t really spur me on to finish hand-quilting the quilt, since I needed the machine to sew on the binding.

3. Make one beaded something. I need to use up my damn beads, and I have no excuse for not doing this.

Here’s what I did get done:

1. I made 3 woven pieces of fabric/scarves this month, one over my goal. Yay! Weaving is fun, easy, and mindless. I just need to give myself a kick in the ass more to actually get the loom warped. I kind of want to have something on the loom at all times.

2. I kept up with and exceeded my handspun goal. This one seems like it’s going to be really easy for me to continue to do, since at the very least, I can always spin a really fat single-ply. Also, I’ve been doing more navaho plying, which is something I was never really comfortable with before.

3. My (altered) goal was to produce two artsy sketches or paintings or something a week. I haven’t quite done that, but I’m still putting this in the success column, because I use my sketchbook all the time. Mainly, it’s to sketch out ideas for things I want to sew or make, but there’s some more fanciful/cartoony things in there, too. So I figure if I’m making it a habit to use the sketch book, that may translate into something better in the future.

4. Make one sewn toy or pillow. Um, yeah. This is where I kicked ass this month, and really, is another part of the reason I didn’t get the quilt or beading done. I made something like 12 million Pointy Kitties, and a few other extraneous things. I had not really done much dimensional sewing before, and I’m pretty inspired to start making up my own patterns (like the little polar bear I made).

5. Get one photo enlarged a month. Well, I certainly did this, but to be totally honest, after a few days, my photos glued to fabric covered foamcore idea really looked wonky. The glue made the photos look all wiggly. So, I’m going to try again this month, and just use double sided tape to adhere the photos to the fabric.

6. Produce one post-processed photo a week. Yeah, don’t think I need to worry about that.


Seriously, I do so much post-processing of photos that it’s kind of silly to have this be on the list.

7. Make one thing for the house. Done. Kitty bed.

Nothing really going on with the garden yet, so I don’t really have anything to say about that. Haven’t started on the Blurb book yet, but I’m thinking about just doing a book of vacation photos for my first one.

Additionally, I learned something not on the list! I made some felted fabric, which was something entirely new to me, but very fun. So, yay!

So, for February, I hope to make up for my slacking in the quilt/bead area. I’m not going to stress out too much right now about needing to get a knitting pattern a month done, because frankly, I’m okay with taking a wee break from knitting. I mainly just want to start going through the mass accumulation of yarn in my house, and weaving eats through it a lot more quickly than knitting.

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  1. Have you tried spray adhesive for the photos? I’ve had pretty good success spray gluing photos to boxes, although don’t make the same mistake I did and cheap out. 3M rules, everything else, well, you know where I’m going with this, don’t you?


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