March in Review

Dodge Dart

February seemed like it took forever to get through, but March just whizzed by. Whizzz! I started off with this month being pretty productive, but pooped out about halfway through. My two big excuses – we did have company for a few days and I’ve just been crafty in non-List ways.

So here’s what I did (and didn’t) get done:

1. As far as writing a new knitting pattern goes, I kind of did, but then didn’t put it online because I want to change some stuff in it first. But like I said before, this is actually the thing on the list I’m least focused on, just because I pretty much write new patterns all the time when I knit anyway. For all of the knitting books and magazines I have, I hardly ever knit any patterns out of them. I use them more as reference.

2. I wove two rugs and a scarf, exceeding my goal of two woven things per month. Yay!

3. Got 9 skeins of handspun done (the goal is one skein per week). Yay!

4. I’m counting my Egg series as falling in under the “Create 2 illustrations per week” goal, since they’re little photo shoots I have to set up. Anyway, I’m on Part 11 with Egg, so I’m doing okay with that, I guess.

5. I did make a tiny beaded quilt this month, which counts towards my ‘finish one quilt/make one beaded project’ goals that I have. I’m not overly thrilled by just getting this one quilt done because a) it’s tiny, and b) it’s not an unfinished object – I just whipped it up really quick. However, I guess anything that helps me use up fabric is a plus, and even if I didn’t use a ton of fabric in it, I did use a ton of beads, so I think I more than met the bead goal.

6. I only made 2 stuffed toys this month, the panda bear and the horse, but that’s one over my goal, so yay!

7. I got some more photos enlarged this month. Just a few, though, since I still haven’t figured out how I want to arrange the ones in my living room.

8. I’m post-processing photos left and right, so this goal is silly.

9. I haven’t started on any Blurb book yet, but I have idea for two, one of which would be the Egg book, so since I already have some photos taken, I guess I’m ahead on that count.

10. I used beads in #5.

11. I reupholstered the padded bench in the dining room, got some of my enlarged photos up on the walls, and sewed a wire bin cozy for the bedroom, which incidentally ate up a ton of fabric. Yay!

12. No news on the garden front, although I’ve been taking plenty of pictures of crocuses, although I don’t think that’s actually going to help any of our summer veggies grow.

So I guess I did okay, all things considered. I think the big goal for this next month is making sure I finish a quilt proper. I have a lot of smaller quilt tops that will probably only take me one or two days to get done. I just need to get in the mood to start busting them out. Hopefully the nice weather will encourage me to be more productive (looking back at my big quilt production periods, it seems like I always did the most quilty stuff in the spring or summer, although god knows why). If I can keep on top of the quilt and bead goals, I’ll be happy.

My main non-list goal in the upcoming month is to make a functioning pinhole camera. I’ve got some ideas for photography related things I’ve been turning over in my head, and I think April is going to be the month where I give some of these things a try. There’s something very intriguing to me about looking at the world through different lenses.