Found Friday #6

Woman in yard

My contact printing success with the old Kodak Velite paper led to me to digging through some old negatives I had gotten when I first started getting interested in found images. One of the first set of found negatives I got were in an ebay batch from Louisiana – there was some undeveloped film in there, but it was mostly already processed negatives.

At the time, I only had a 35mm film scanner, and had to try scanning anything bigger than that on our old flatbed (not designed for scanning in negatives) scanner, with mixed results. Most of the negs in the batch were 35mm, but the 120 sized negatives just wouldn’t scan in worth a crap.

So I set them aside, and forgot about them, even after I got the Epson V500, because I was too busy scanning in all of my medium format negatives that had piled up by that time.

But what better to try contact printing with, especially when using 50+ year old paper and equipment, but negatives from that same time period?

Toddler on ramp

Because the Velite paper had been warped by time and the elements, the edges of the paper didn’t print well in most cases, leading to a sort of reverse vignetting. I think it’s appropriate.