Found Friday – Handlebar Mustache edition

Blue man

One of the rolls of film we developed in our Massive! Film Developing! Marathon! was an old roll of Anscochrome 100 35mm film from 1969. I can’t even remember where I got it from at this point, but we tossed it in with some other rolls of film that we were trying to develop with cold E6 chems. To my surprise, it actually turned out quite well – I got sharp positive images that had a blue tone to them, but still also had color.

Mustache and glasses

More than half of the images on the roll were self portraits of the photographer. I did a little bit of tweaking of the levels in Photoshop, and got realistic color.


The other pictures on the roll were a few each of a picnic and a graduation ceremony. They may show up on Found Friday at some point, but I couldn’t resist the stache.