Found Friday – I Smell Bacon Edition


This winter has been interminable. It is making me edgy. It’s April, for god’s sake, and there’s still snow in the forecast. It’s not like I live in freaking Banff!

Ew.  Again.

Travis did some Diafine developing earlier this week, and one of the things he developed was a roll of Verichrome Pan 620 found inside the cute mint green Valiant “620.” What sort of pictures could this roll of film hold? Adorable puppies and rainbows? Cupcakes? No, of course not. What we got were pictures of an old fashioned hog butcherin’.


Yes, I know, I eat meat, hogs have to be killed somehow, to everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn, but still – really? Of all the things to take pictures with using this adorable minty green camera, this is what the photographer chooses?


There were a couple of horse pictures on the roll too. Whatever. Too little, too late, Valiant “620.”

I’m so sick of winter.