Found Friday – Gold Rush edition

Central City downtown

Hey! It’s been a while! I got sick right after my last post (blerg), so I didn’t get a chance to try what I wanted to try with my RA-4 chems. It’ll just have to wait until next time I do some color embiggening. Meanwhile, we’ve been developing some black and white and color film lately, so I do have some new found stuff to share.


One of the more interesting rolls of found film that we’ve come across lately is this roll of Super XX Pan 620 film. It showed up in a random ebay lot, so I have no idea who shot this or what camera it came from, but the photos on it rock. About half were shot in a cemetary.



And the other half were taken in town. Looks like there was some kind of party going on.

Woman at piano

By blowing up part of the first photo, I was able to follow the road signs in the atlas and find out that that photo was shot in Central City, Colorado.

Central City detail

According to Wiki, Central City used to be known as “the richest square mile on Earth,” due to its proximity to the Pike’s Peak gold rush. This was one of those little Deadwood-esque mining towns – it aspired to great things – it even has an opera house! – but fell on hard times once the mining boom subsided. It’s now trying to bring back tourism via casinos. There’s a link on the city website to a “Gambling Horoscope.” So, you know, at least they’ve got that going for them.

2 thoughts on “Found Friday – Gold Rush edition

  1. Hello Jacki!

    I just love the picture from the party. It’s almost classical in its composition, how the lines converge to the central couple. The mottling of the film is just beautiful, and that lighting!

    Any chance this image may find it’s way to Etsy? Or a special order? I’m also curious to learn how you processed the film? (Looking more closely at the picture, I now wonder if you happened upon a secret all-girl party?)

    Glad you’re feeling better, and thanks as always for sharing your enthusiastic creativity! I’m looking forward to the continued adventures with RA-4!

    Be well,



  2. Hi, David! I was advised by some lawyerly friends a while ago that as cool as the found images are, I would almost certainly be at risk reproducing the images to sell, since I’m not the copyright holder. The best I can do is publish them online so others can see how neat they are.

    Travis and I have been developing the found black and white film in Diafine lately – five minutes in each of Solution A and Solution B. I’ve also had good luck developing found film in Kodak’s HC110, dilution B, for at least 10 minutes at 68 degrees. I normally scan the images in as color, since that seems to help my scanner cut through some of the fog.


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