Found Friday – Psychedelic Edition

Mount Rushmore

A month or so ago, we picked up another pink Hawkeye Flashfun, 1. Because those cameras are awesome, and 2. Because it had a partially exposed roll of film inside. I am incapable of passing one up. Anyway, we shot the last few remaining pics on the roll and then developed it. The film was Kodacolor-X, which is process C-22, but no worries – we just developed it in cold C-41 chems instead.

Grotto Geyser

The found pics were taken out west, at Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone. The picture above is of Grotto Geyser in Yellowstone, which tends to erupt about once every 8 hours. It is apparently also related to Grotto Fountain Geyser, Spa Geyser, Rocket Geyser (my favorite!), and Giant Geyser.

The pictures we shot on this roll of film didn’t come out so well.

Psychedelic Amish

You can kind of make out an Amish buggy at the bottom of the photo, underneath all of the shrooms and LSD.

Big day today! Going to hopefully buy an epic amount of photography goodness at an auction! Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Found Friday – Psychedelic Edition

  1. I’m jealous. All your old exposed rolls have really cool stuff on them, and all I get is a moose and a canoe.

    I feel like Charlie Brown on Halloween.


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