Since I habitually use film, paper, and photography books that are over, oh, say 3 decades old, I figured it would be beneficial for myself and others to have information about vintage photography goodness all in one place.

In compiling this, I’m looking at sources ranging from old books, film data sheets, and my own experience, among other things. It is not my intent to infringe on anyone’s copyright, and I’m not sure if, for instance, posting a recipe for a film developer that I got from a photography book printed in 1951 is doing so. I just want to get information like that available online and easily accessible. I intend on listing what my sources are, but still, if I go over the line and step on anyone’s copyright, please let me know.

Also, it probably needs to be said that mucking about in a darkroom is potentially messy and dangerous. I use proper safety equipment when needed (gloves, respirator, etc), and would expect that anyone else doing similar things would as well. A lot of the chemicals called for are toxic/dangerous/scary, and if you decide to use these chems, you’re on your own. Do some research (besides just this website) about what you’re getting into, check out MSDS sheets, and make sure to protect yourself. Just because I post a recipe for developer from the 1940s does not mean that I’ve actually mixed it up and tried out – I’m just trying to keep this sort of information from disappearing altogether.

Information in this section will be updated on a “When I feel like doing it” basis. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Vintage Photography Info

  1. Have been enjoying looking around on your blog and Etsy site. You’re quite creative and resourceful!
    I found you because I Googled “where develop Ansco 50 film.” My father recently passed, I am executor of his estate, and I found a few canisters of exposed film. Some I’ve taken to be processed locally, but no one seems able to develop the Ansco film. I’m at a loss and wondered if you might have any suggestions. Guess there used to be a Rocky Mountain Film Co (???), but looks like they’ve closed their doors.
    Of course, there’s a possibility, maybe even a likelihood, that there’s nothing of value in the images (even if they can be retrieved), but of course my mind goes to the possibilities of what COULD be on the film as well… especially images of my father’s younger years.
    I appreciate any advice.
    Thanks very much for your time,


  2. I have 2 zip lock gallon bags of old 110 & 126 20-30 years old.

    1 Ektachrome 64 E-6 Color slide
    1 Ektachrome X E-4 Color slide
    1 kodachrome X c-22 Color neg
    5 Kodachrome 64 C-14 Color neg.

    1 Kodachrome E-4

    I have another 70 assorted rols of 35mm, 126 and 110(36)

    All of which I got from friends when they cleaned out their parents house. I thought I would try the c-41 stuff myself.

    Are you interested in the odd processes types? All I would like is a digital copy if anything comes out. Either way I don’t think I’ll do anything with them. Haven’t done any developing since College in 84.

    866.535.8980 toll free



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