Hello! I’m still here! We successfully managed to go to Iceland and return! Yay!

As is achingly obvious, I haven’t updated the blog in a while. That’s due not to a lack of interest about photography, but just a general all around malaise that has come from feeling that major life changes need to be made. Long story short, Travis and I have decided to blow this pop-stand and get the heck out of Dodge (read: Ohio). So right now our nebulous plan is to spend the fall and winter fixing up our house and getting rid of a bunch of our stuff, and then next spring move out of state.


(Our house doesn’t look this bad – or this cool – but we definitely need to do some work before we put it on the market)

It’s exciting finally having a plan and a concrete goal. We’re probably going to move to a smaller place, at least for the interim, so I’m trying to downsize a bunch of our possessions. It is time to scatter my earthly belongings all over the Goodwills of central Ohio! Well, maybe not that extreme, but I’ve accumulated a bunch of possessions over the past ten years that I definitely don’t need anymore. Sno-cone maker, I’m looking at you.

The end goal is to get us to a place where Travis actually works decent hours, or a schedule, like a normal human. Hopefully, we will also be a lot more organized and clutter-free, which will let us have the space to do some of the things we would like to do more of (photography related stuff and crafty related stuff for me, and homebrewing and general tinkering stuff for Travis).

Tree sweater

Also we’re planning on moving some place where we can get a lot better food than what we can find around here. Calzones and Italian sausage, here I come!

Anyway, this all leads me back to doing some shameless self-promotion. I try not to be all, “Oh, hey, I’m selling photography junk, so BUY MY STUFF NOW!” but I thought it might be worth a mention that I’m going to be doing some major updates to my Etsy shop this fall and winter. I have a lot of photography related equipment, film, paper, etc that I’m going to be offering for sale. I’m definitely not getting rid of everything (You can pry my mint green Savoy and my 8×10 contact printer from my cold dead hands), but there is a ton of weirdness and cool things I’ve picked up along the way that needs to find better homes than what I can currently offer. Because there is so much stuff I’m going to be posting, my item descriptions may be a little shorter than usual, but as always, if you have any questions about anything, just send me an Etsy convo. My shop also accepts credit cards now directly through Etsy, so you don’t have to deal with Paypal anymore if you don’t want to (hooray!).

As for Iceland? It was pretty amazing. I would highly recommend visiting there, especially if you (like us) were using it as your first trip abroad. Dealing with customs, driving in a new country, etc – all of that wasn’t scary at all. The hot dogs were freaking amazing. You can see some more of the Iceland pictures in my set on Flickr. It really inspired us to want to see more of the world (next stops: Costa Rica, Ireland, and Zambia!), but that will probably have to wait a little bit until our life settles back out again.

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